OSA – One Stop Advice

Your specialists in establishment, consolidation & expansion in Asia and Europe.

Gerd Burkard
Process improvement and Technical sales
John Franzen
Specialist in : Management & Logistics
Ole Skelbæk-Pedersen
Outsourcing- cost down & Projectmanagement
Jens Mose
Specialist in Mechanical Engineering, Global Project Management & Sales
Department Manager
OSA - One Stop Advice - Jens Mose
Katarina Tuffveson Jensen
Specialist in Sourcing and Outsourcing
Managing Director
OSA - One Stop Advice - Katarina Tuffveson Jensen
Bente Kjems Dyring
Specialist in Culture and Communication
Senior Advisor
OSA - One Stop Advice - Bente Kjems Dyring
Lone Frier Leth
Specialist in optimization of transport and customs solutions
Ocean Freight Manager
Carsten Stenrøjl
Specialist in Business Strategy
Managing Director
OSA - One Stop Advice - Carsten Stenrøjl
Lars Jakob Nielsen
Specialist in Market & Legal Analysis China
Managing Director
OSA - One Stop Advice - Lars Jakob Nielsen
Nikolaj Juhl Hansen
Specialist in corporate and commercial transactions
Lawyer, Senior Office Partner
OSA - One Stop Advice -Nikolaj Juhl Hansen
Rachel Cao
Specialist in corporate and business law
Lawyer- Head of Chinese Desk
Jan Sønderlyng
Specialist in Outsourcing & Offshoring
General Manager OSA & OPTi
OSA - One Stop Advice - Jan Sønderlyng
Annette Dahl
Specialist in Culture and Communication
Managing Director, Senior Adviser
OSA - One Stop Advice - AnnetteDahl