OSA – One Stop Advice

Your specialists in establishment, consolidation & expansion in Asia and Europe.


Founder of OSA – One Stop Advice, Jan Sønderlyng, has worked with insourcing and outsourcing of production engineering since 1994 in his first company www.OPTi.nu . From 2006 his focus has been on China and Asia, since he believes that future growth can only be achieved by collaboration between Asia and Europe. Therefore, Jan Sønderlyng founded OSA – One Stop in 2010 by unifying and establishing a strong team of trusted advisors with special knowledge about doing business across Europe and Asia.

For anyone who wishes to establish business relations in Asia or Europe a serious piece of preparatory work is essential. OSA – One Stop Advice’s unique concept is to offer this by combining specialised knowledge and experience from a number of different advisors with between 15 and 25 years of experience from Asia and Europe. Together the OSA team accumulates more than 165 years of knowhow on Asia and Europe.

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