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Strategic advisor

“Novo Nordisk made a strategic decision in early 1990 to bet big on China.

I was responsible for the business development in Asia and had the pleasure of both planning and implementing the project, which spanned over a period of 10 years.

One of the most important factors was proper preparation; both at home and abroad. Preparation included establishment of clear goals, recognition of risks, analysis of alternative business models, geographic location in China, selection of partners, and last but not least, building and maintaining the relationships in China, which helped to pave the road to success.

If a company like OSA – One Stop Advice can help other enterprises to avoid the worst mistakes by drawing on their experience and solid network, then I can only recommend OSA – One Stop Advice”.

Strategic adviser for OSA

OSA - One Stop Advice Mentor - Thorkild Christensen - Novo Nordisk

Thorkil Kastberg
Chief Financial Officer
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